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Safeguarding Our Children

The safety of our premises, the children in our care, visitors and staff is of the utmost importance to us. Our pioneering excellence means we strive to maintain a safe environment for all in our care. From day one, we endeavour to embed a strong safety culture in every part of our organisation, from the youngest Little Pumpkins, all the way up to senior management level.

Safeguarding comes under the heading “keeping children safe in education” in government documentation and refers to the promotion of child welfare and protection.

Despite safeguarding and children’s care being a statutory requirement for all care environments as dictated by our Ofsted registration, at Little Raye’s daycare we like to go the extra mile. With the belief that every child deserves to be part of a safe and happy environment where they have the opportunity to grow and achieve their full potential, we follow the Every Child Matters government framework which highlights five key outcomes that are key to a child’s well-being.

Every Child Matters outcomes

Safe –actively protecting against harm and neglect and ensuring a safe environment for development

Healthy –benefiting from both physical and mental health, living a healthy lifestyle and promoting children’s well-being

Positive contribution –carers and parents working closely as a tea to encourage children to make a positive contribution to their care environment and wider community

Enjoy and achieve –supporting children educationally and developmentally allowing them to progress to success

Economic well-being – regardless of background and economic standing, this will not prevent children from flourishing to achieve their full potential


The protection and safety of every child in our care is paramount. This means that every staff member, student, visitor and volunteer through the doors of gems childcare accepts the responsibility of dealing with any area of concern regarding a child’s welfare immediately.

Little Raye’s Daycare has a duty of care to all the children we look after to ensure that any concerns of suspected incidents, harm or abuse are reported to the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board (LSCB) immediately.

Unless otherwise advised by the LSCB, parents will be informed of any concerns raised or referrals made.


Ensuring the safety of all children at all times

We maintain the safety of all children in our care in a number of ways:

All children, staff and visitors are signed in and out of the nursery each day

Although our gardens are open to all children throughout the day, each child is signed in and out for outdoor play to ensure that no child is ever left unattended

All accidents are detailed and reported at the time of the incident

Each of our nurseries is undergoes a rigorous health and safety check several times a day.

Documentation related to all of our policies can be viewed, on request, at each of our nursery premises.